Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I, for one, cannot stand law shows. I think they are horrible and I hate them and I wish they would get off the air and make room for proper shows like Desperate Housewives, Scrubs and That 70’s Show, all of which I am helplessly in love with.

“Whatchya watchin’ Daddy?” I once made the mistake of asking.
“Boston Legal. It’s actually pretty good.” My Uh-Oh Alert was screaming alarms in my head. It was yelling, “RUN AWAY ELLE! HE SAID LEGAL… CAN’T YOU TELL IT’S A LAW SHOW!?” But it was too late. Dad had patted the bit of floor next to his bit of floor (Dad is a floor sitter, no body knows why) and he looked up and smiled. Awwwww Dad Invites are the sweetest. You can’t resist them. So, I sat my sorry butt down for the long haul watching what was sure to be another dreadful law show.

WRONG. Wrong wrong wrong. It was amazing. Humorous and witty and not in the least bit dull. I will never again hate a law show before I watch it. I advise you sit your own sorry butt down for a viewing right now.

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  1. Ah, but is it as good as That '70's Show?