Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ahh Memories

Today, my sister Bib and I have found our long lost diaries. Oh. My. God.
1. We were awful writers.

2. We were awful at remembering to write.
3. It is amazing how very different Bib and I really were.

4. It was hilarious to read.

Here are the first (and only) two passages in my "My Little House Diary." Enjoy...

January 1, 2000

Hi. This is my story of my unfair life. I won't always write, because I'll only ask questions, with hard answers, or sometimes I'll just write about life in the 22nd century. I'll start with today.

April 27, 2002

I wan't to intruduce you to my friends Liz, and Iris, also tomy sister Bib. My name is Elle. I live in Gorgia. My Parents names are Capt. Dad W. Bee, (call him Capt. Dad) and Mary Alice Bee (Mom), my brother's name is Rescue Ranger, but we call him Ranger. Today I was behind because today so happened to be Iris's Birthday part, and we hadn't baughten her a presen't. So at about ten in the morning we went to target, and baught her a present, while my siblings got there team picture's. (Bib play's softball on the Slamers, and Ranger play's base ballon the Rockies.). Then we went to Iris's B-day party. When we came home we had to clean the house for the dreaded tomorrow my self and yonger sister were cleaning the bath room. We had to walsh the floor. W didn't, unfortuntly, know how to washt the floors without mom makeing the soapy water. She told us to use 40.9, or Tilex. We didn't hear the or, so we used both. Neather of us knew we could die, but mom sure did! As soon as she smelled in there she ran to the kitchen took a soping wet spunge, sent me for ther shoes. I ran to get her shoes. I flew past the pearents room I soard through the kitchen, dining room, and living. As I reached the front door I picked up her shoes and ran, by the time I came in she was on her fith round scrubing the floor she then stuck her feet into the shoes non stop scrubbing! She then holard "find the mop." We ran in circles looking high and low, but not finding it. I will now intruduce the pet's, Yappy is the family dog, Flash is my turtle, and Mr. Fish is Ranger's Fish. Now since I have told you how I ran to get shoes for my mom I will draw you a picture of my house.-

- and tha't's a quick scketch of my house.

Back to the mop. We ran around the house even asking the Welsh Corgi, Slider turtle, and the Gold Fish! We didn't find it but mom finished anyway. and I am finished writing for tonight for my hand is quite soar.


  1. hahahahaa!!! ohhhh... that's great!!

  2. Love the use of apostrophes, the spelling, the life is unfair rant, and perhaps due to memories of my own, the military housing sketch.

    PS: I, too, was bad at keeping up with my diary entries.

  3. That morning was great. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. Your two different personalites, as well as RR', was obvious!