Sunday, January 25, 2009

The First

As you may have heard, life is full of journeys (SURPRISE!). And here I am, to talk about mine.

So, I don’t actually like to write. It’s the truth, you can ask any of my English teachers. Writing is just not my strong point. What I am good at is lists. I can make a list for anything and everything. But I think a Blog could help me with the whole “who am I” question, which is actually a very big thing in the big scheme of life and all. How can you live if you don’t know who you are? I don’t know either. I feel like the more I actually put out there the more I can organize all my thoughts and feelings and ideas and questions and one day it will all fall into place and I can just look at it and tilt my head to the side (this is my thinking pose) and say, “Oh of course! That is who I am, how did I miss it?”

I am fully aware that the chances of that happening are like slim to none, thank you very much. However I’d like to give it a chance and see what happens. My mom (code blog name, Mom) and her sisters all really seem to enjoy the Blog scene, and since they are my flesh and blood and I actually do like a lot of things they like (yes, I understand it is very rare for a sixteen year old to connect with Mom and Aunts) hopefully I will like it too, even if I don’t end up tilting my head to the side and saying “Oh of course!”

These are the things you may like to know about me:

-My name is ElleBee and I am sixteen. (Blog code name, so that nobody can find me and kill me, I trust you I really do, but these are precautions I must take for my own personal safety.)

-There is Mom. We are very close. This fact seems to surprise everybody at school. She is my role model and my best friend; however I don’t think she really realizes this. She is currently trying to find her calling with me.

-There is Dad (codename, again. I bet you can’t guess how we are related). He is in the military. I can’t tell you anymore because of the personal safety thing. (His not mine.)

-There is my older brother; I have to come up with a code name for him later, because I am not feeling very creative at the moment. But as soon as I do, I will let you know what it is. He is 18 and also in the military.

-There is my baby sister, Bib (This is my newest nickname for her, I have been trying out a lot of nicknames for Bib, but this is her codename forever on my new Blog). She’s not actually a baby, she is 15, but she is younger than me (hardly) and I like to pretend she is a little girl that needs to be taken care of. Even though she is not.

-There is my dog, Bubba (codename, but actual nickname that I use quite often). He is a golden retriever.

-There is the family dog, Yappy. That is not a very original codename, but she is rather yappy, so it will do. She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. And every time I say that, I think back to the Green Welsh Dragon in Harry Potter. Yappy secretly thinks that she is a Welsh Dragon, or a pit-bull. But she is mistaken; she is a Corgi, and a small one at that.

-I will not tell you where I live, although I will tell you that it is very cold most of the year. Good luck figuring that one out. I’ll give you a hint, it is not Hawaii, but I did live there once upon a time. It's very important to remember that it is cold, because I will most likely spend a lot of time and energy telling you about it.

-There is also Blondie. That is my brother’s (who desperately needs a codename now that I have mentioned him twice) fiancé. I like her very much and call her sister. She is one of my closest friends and we like to joke together.

-There is also The Boy Friend, who we will call Boyo P and sometimes just The Boy Friend, and you will know who I am talking about. That codename (Boyo P) was generously developed by my dear friend, Shay (codename), because as I’ve already said, I am not feeling very creative at the moment.

You should know that I might not be very good at writing frequently, as I have said, I don’t like it much. But I will try. That’s it for now.

Toodle Pip.


  1. You are very you know THAT?

  2. It sounds just like a normal converation with you. I love it. Felt like you were sitting right here with me except I already know all that stuff but I guess that would not have kept you from telling me about how you told someone all about yourself so in that case it really was like having you sit here and talking. Wonderful! Dad

  3. Your first two comments from your parents. How cool is that?
    I came over from your mother's blog and I'm glad I did.
    You may not like writing much, but the talent for it evidently runs in the family.

  4. i know your aunt katrina (codename, to protect the innocent)!!! i love your blog. tres fresh. i'll add it to your aunt katrina's =)

  5. Not only are you a good writer, but you have a lovely banner! I look forward to reading what you have to say. My husband is in the military and we have sons your age; since they never tell us what they are thinking or how they feel, maybe you can give me some insights! :)

    Here from your mom's blog - I actually stopped in the other day, about 30 seconds before my computer froze.

  6. Welcome to the blog world. I have been a fan of your mother's and her sister, Katrina's, blogs for some time now. You are as easy and as enjoyable to read. I look forward to more.

  7. Funny. Toodle Pip! And your dad is right; it feels like you are in the room and we are having a conversation.